Sharing unique, non-toxic Health and Lifestyle Solutions to help you through life’s challenges

Many health issues in today’s world can be caused by factors we’re often not aware of. Too often we get caught up in treating symptoms, instead of addressing the causes.

I’d gone through decades of being overweight and feeling tired and unwell, despite of countless efforts to get better. At the age of 48, after many years of trying and failing, I finally succeeded in resolving these issues. Some of my solutions are unique and you’ve probably never heard of them before. But this website is about much more than just becoming healthy again – I am sharing countless tips, experiences and insights that are aimed to help you feel better physically, mentally and spiritually, and to make life easier and more fun than ever before.

It’s all about a holistic approach that addresses underlying causes rather than just resorting to bandaid fixes. Please take the time to explore my site in detail – it may not only help you feel better but it may help to profoundly change your life for the better in general… 🙂