Cancer – The Modern Lifestyle Disease

We’re living in such a toxic world that being healthy will probably soon be seen as a luxury and exception. Cancer closely impacted my life when my father passed away from this illness in 2005. He’d battled it for 5 years until his body, which had undergone 15 surgeries (most of them major), chemotherapy and radiation, finally gave in. There was one profound moment we shared, where he openly exclaimed that he believed that the negative emotions he’d bottled in over many years were the underlying cause. Cancer is a very complex illness, brought about through many contributing factors, and I personally believe that prescription drugs, toxic chemicals and painful treatments are not the answer.

Apart from the emotional aspects, eating clean, non-toxic food I have no doubt will decrease your odds of getting cancer. Please refer to my articles on What To Eat, Obesity and Toxicity for more detailed information.

Blood pH (Cancer)

In essence, I believe all illness is caused by depletion and toxicity (physical and mental) and counteracting both those factors should be a priority. When the immune system is strengthened (rather than decimated), it is empowered to naturally bring everything back into balance. Ultimately all true healing is a result of practising self love and not harbouring negativity or anything that allows unwanted things to fester inside of us.

Cancer Cell Info

For years I’ve collected information that resonated with me. Please understand I’m not giving advice – my intent is purely to share things that could be of interest or value to you. There’s lots of food for thought in the information below…

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