It baffles me how this poison is allowed in our drinking water, when so much evidence is at hand that proves its negative effects on our health:



Fluoride Officially Classified as a NEUROTOXIN in The Lancet – Click on image for more…


Fluoride and Aluminium

Fluoride corrosive

⇒ Fluoride Officially Classified as a Neurotoxin in World’s Most Prestigious Medical Journal

⇒ Expert Testimony: How Your Drinking Water May Be Damaging Your Brain

⇒ 58 Studies Investigating The Relationship Between Fluoride And Human Intelligence

⇒ Scientific Fluoride Documentary

⇒ 10 Facts About Fluoride You Need to Know

⇒ Consumer Health Organization of Canada (Non-Profit) Reports On Fluoridation

⇒ How Fluoride in Water Actually Destroys Teeth & Bones (video)

⇒ One Of The Most Important Scientists In The World: “Most Cancer Research Is Largely A Fraud” (He also states that “Fluoride Causes More Cancer Deaths Than Any Other Chemical”)

⇒ Scientists Find Fluoride Causes Hypothyroidism Leading To Depression, Weight Gain, and Worse…

⇒ 7 Toxic Toothpaste Ingredients You Need To Avoid

⇒ You’re Still Told Fluoridation Prevents Tooth Decay, but Science Proves Otherwise

(This article also contains great advice on dental health in general)

⇒ Watch The Fluoride Deception (Documentary)

Don’t miss this documentary, which reveals links to the Nuclear Weapons industry, etc…


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