The Importance of pH Balance

    I’ve long known about the importance of ensuring that your body doesn’t become too acidic. Acidity in the body can occur for many different reasons, such as stress, dehydration, drugs (prescription and recreational), sugar and alcohol consumption, eating processed foods and drinking soft drinks/sodas, for example. I believe few people are aware of just how much acidity a single drink of soda can cause in the body. I once read that it takes 26 glasses of water to restore the pH after consuming 1 drink of soda! One of the main ingredients of soft drinks/sodas is phosphoric acid, which causes the pH of the drink to drop to around 2.9. For the body to function properly, it needs to have a pH of 6.4 – 7.4, with 7 being neutral.

    Just as plants become susceptible to pests and diseases when their pH drops below 6.4, so does the human body. But our bodies are amazing machines, naturally trying to repair any damage. When the blood is acidified rapidly, the body tries to find a source of alkaline minerals such as calcium to restore pH balance. It’ll find the richest source of calcium in the bones, withdrawing alkalising minerals as a necessary rescue operation to minimise the immediate damage that acidity causes. If a body is regularly assaulted with high acidity, the bones will eventually become weak and brittle, resulting in a condition known as osteoporosis.

    The reason processed foods are so acidic is because they’ve been acidified with various additives to preserve them and increase their shelf-life. Not only are processed and preserved foods acidifying, they also lack nutrition and are simply mostly ‘dead’. Logically, how can you expect life energy from consuming ‘dead’ food?

    Excessive acidity can lead to all sorts of problems in the short term as well. It will wreak havoc with the gut flora, often resulting in a bacterial imbalance and fungal overgrowth. Once the gut flora is compromised, the immune system is weakened and the doors have been opened to illnesses of all sorts. Apart from avoiding obvious acidity causers, it is a good idea to consume foods that alkalise the body.


    Blood pH (Cancer)


    ⇒ Understanding Blood pH And It’s Critical Role In The Prevention Of Cancer

    Dr.Otto H Warburg, a Nobel Prize Winner, discovered the real cause of cancer and he claims that all cancers happen due to an oxygen deficiency in the organism. If your body lacks oxygen your organism becomes acidic which enables cancer cells to develop. Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic, which means that they cannot survive in an alkaline body (high levels of oxygen).

    Dr Otto WarburgThere’s a rule with no exceptions, which is that “All normal cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without oxygen. Deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it may become cancerous.

    The pH levels in our body depend on what we eat and that’s what keeps the pH levels balanced. PH balance is the balance of acid and alkaline in all fluids and cells in our organism. In order to survive, your body has to balance the blood’s pH levels at a slightly alkaline level of 7.365. However, Americans mostly eat unhealthy, toxic and acid-forming foods such as processed sugars, refined grains, GMOs, and so on. That’s what leads to unhealthy acidic pH levels.

    If your pH levels aren’t balanced the cellular activities and functions in your body will become interrupted. And if the pH levels tip to the acidic side you can develop a long range of diseases, starting from heartburn and osteoporosis to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. If your body is acidic for a longer period of time the aging process will be rapidly accelerated.

    According to Robert O. Young and his book “The pH Miracle”, the root cause of many health issues is the acidic state of your body. All the harmful organism which make us sick, like parasites, bad bacteria, viruses, and candida overgrowth survive and multiply in acidic environments, but die instantly in alkaline environment.

    That’s why the most important thing you have to do if you want to maintain your health is to alkalize your body and keep the pH levels balanced.

    Here’s a home remedy for acidity which can help you alkalize your body and stay healthy:

    Mix the two ingredients together and wait for the mixture to start fizzing. Continue adding more baking soda until the fizzing stops and add this mixture to a glass of water (8oz.)

    Prepare this drink and drink it all at once. You’ll notice improvements right away especially if you suffer from stomach acid and acidosis. This amazing remedy will create an alkaline environment in your body and neutralize the pH levels.




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