Lesser Known Causes Of Obesity

Counting calories not chemicalsMy problem of being overweight for almost 20 years turned out to have nothing to do with overeating or other common assumptions. I learned that gaining excessive weight can happen for many reasons: Modern agriculture, processed foods, toxins (myriad of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, etc), genetic issues (such as Pyrrole Disorder) and emotional trauma. Going more into detail, you will find there are lesser known causes of obesity you may have never heard of.

In our modern world, it is basically no longer possible for us to feed ourselves with sufficient nutrition, even if all the food we’re choosing to eat were what’s generally considered healthy. Modern agriculture has depleted the average nutrition of food to less than 20% of what it used to be only decades ago. It’s this vicious cycle where poisons were introduced with the intent to get rid of diseases, yet those poisons killed the microbes in the soil, collapsed the soil structure (decreasing ever-important aeration necessary for the thriving of beneficial bacteria) and drained important nutrients and humus (naturally decomposed plant matter which stores nutrients). This caused further problems, as plants would only end up with more diseases when grown in those compromised soils. Millions of tonnes of chemicals are applied to soils around the world ever year, and the problem is getting worse and worse, not only poisoning our food supply but our water as well. All the chemicals used in agriculture are also very acidic, and an acidic environment is the perfect prerequisite for imbalances and diseases. For any living organism to be healthy, it should have a pH of between 6.4 and 7 – this applies to soil, plants, animals and humans. Eating mostly alkaline or alkalising foods (click here for pdf) is essential as a basis for good health, but only a start in combating the problems associated with the food available to us these days. Here’s another extensive list of alkaline foods (click here for pdf).

Sugar is more addictive than cocaineApart from alkaline food, there’s one natural, very affordable alkalising substance: Baking Soda (or Sodium Bicorbonate). This completely natural substance has a myriad of benefits for your body and your surroundings. There are so many uses for baking soda, I decided to dedicate a whole page to it.

Our body senses that what we’re feeding it isn’t providing sufficient nutrition, hence why most of us still feel unsatisfied or hungry after a small or average-sized meal. Our taste buds are naturally designed to crave sweet and salty foods, as those flavours (when occurring naturally) indicate nutrient density. The food industry has used this fact to create foods that taste good, but most of the nutrition has been stripped through various processes. Our body is temporarily fooled, but we soon feel hungry again because we didn’t feed it the nutrition it needed – hence we tend to eat much more than we should and, unfortunately, mostly dead “comfort” food…

Diet related disease

And our body reacts the same way soil and plants do – the pH drops (due to stress, processed and preserved foods, alcohol, medications, pesticides, etc) and this provides the breeding ground for all kinds of diseases… Then we’re given pharmaceutical drugs to treat symptoms (and the pharma industry makes a heap of money), which in turn kills our gut flora (and shuts down our ability to listen to our body), which then causes a whole lot of other health problems.

A healthy gut flora is necessary for our immune system to function well. There are many gut flora killers, such as stress, chemicals, antibiotics and other drugs (particularly those used for general anaesthetic), preservatives, alcohol, and a major one is chlorine. When the gut flora is decimated, your digestion can’t function properly, which not only leads to many health issues but also overweight.

On top of all the nutritional and environmental causes of illness and overweight, the emotional state we find ourselves in after traumatic events also plays a huge factor. We’re trying to fill this seemingly inexplicable void after having created invisible walls around us for self protection, and that void we then often try to fill with excessive food (or addictions of other sorts). Eventually the barriers we’ve built emotionally manifest physically…

How things changedAnd then, of course it’s important to be physically active, which is difficult when you have no energy or are dealing with an illness or depression. There are some good tips on exercises, etc in this article. Also go to my page about exercise to find out how I managed to become fit again after having been mostly sedentary for about 20 years!!

So this issue of overweight needs to be addressed from a nutritional, environmental, emotional and physical basis to have any lasting beneficial outcome.


The 5 surprising less known reasons you’re putting on extra weight – click on image for more info.

Our body is like a vehicle that carries us through life, but we have a tendency to take it for granted. It’s like we’re filling the tank with cheap vegetable oil instead of premium petrol and then we’re surprised when the car breaks down. And then we get so frustrated for it not performing as we expected it to, kicking and cursing it. How often have you looked at ourselves and been critical of our body instead of being thankful for having one at all, this amazing machine that makes our earthly journey possible? The better we feed and maintain this machine, the longer and more pleasant this journey will be…

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