How To Order Zija Products

Zija products are sold online only via networking marketing. While you need to create an account/become a member to access Zija products, you’re not obliged to commit to regular orders – you have the option to choose between autoship (to ensure products arrive on time each month for continuation of supply) or once-off orders. Once you’ve chosen autoship, please note that you can opt out or cancel this option anytime by emailing However, I highly recommend autoship, not only so you don’t run out of product (as you may not have remembered to order more in time), but because your commitment and loyalty are also rewarded with great benefits. The join fee is AUD29.00. Your membership then entitles you to wholesale pricing and financial benefits when you sign up other members (only if you’re on autoship). Please also keep in mind that Zija Corp offers a full refund on your Smartmix purchases (and some other products) if you have used the product for 3 months and are not satisfied with the results. For more details, please peruse the documents below (all of which and many other documents are available to you via your back office once you’ve signed up).

⇒ Zija Price List / Enrollment Form (Australia)

⇒ Zija Compensation Plan

⇒ Zija Rewards Program

⇒ Zija Quick Business Guide

⇒ Zija Policies & Procedures

⇒ Zija Global Strategy BusinessGuide

⇒ Paylution Account and Card Instructions

To set up your Zija account, please click here and enter this code into the ID Number field: 2889743, then follow the prompts to set up your account.

It is very important to set correct expectations. Often people are wishing for miracle results immediately. While some people feel a noticeable difference within a short time frame, it can take 3 months or longer to notice significant benefits. We are all different – for some, results come quicker than others. Please be patient and use the products as recommended. I highly recommend that you monitor your progress with the help of this Body Inventory FormIt’s a fantastic tool to not only quantify your own progress but it’s also a powerful way of tangibly relating your results to others, if you decide you want to share your journey with other people later.

Zija Corp sells many other products – click here to explore their range. With your Zija account you’ll also gain access to all Ripstix and Ameo products.

If you have any queries or need assistance, feel free to contact me directly – I’ll be happy to assist you over the phone (just message me your number and a preferred time you’d like me to call you).


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