I’ve found a lot of value from these sources:

When it comes to professional and extensive knowledge regarding natural health, I highly recommend you check out Dr Mercola’s website. Apart from countless interesting and informative articles, this website contains a fantastic search engine that will help you access valuable information in relation to just about any health matter you can imagine.

Other websites I highly recommend:

Health Nut News

Real Farmacy

Pete Evans

London Real TV – Huge resource of interviews and information covering a wide range of topics, many of which have been censored by mainstream media.

Bruce Lipton

Psych-K – How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind To Reach Your Full Potential

Modere (fantastic source of non-toxic personal care and cleaning products, etc)

Amazing Documentaries/Series:

GMOs Revealed

The Truth About Cancer

Interconnected Series (Gut Health)

Love Is Medicine Project

Depression Anxiety Series

The Truth About Vaccines

The 5G Summit

162 Documentaries To Expand Your Consciousness

Gaia.com – Streaming Platform And Massive Resource Of Spiritual and Alternative Healing Documentaries

There are also some very special people I highly recommend:

Eckhart Tolle

I’ve found Eckhart Tolle to be a great influence in my life. He’s probably best known for his book ‘The Power Of Now’ and his collaborations with Oprah. There are countless videos of his online and I highly recommend his teachings to anyone, particularly if they feel a bit lost or disconnected.

Deepak Chopra

Another wonderful gift to the world, Deepak shares tremendous wisdom. I started exploring his books about 25 years ago, and practically applying many of this teachings in my life has been helpful to say the least.

Dr Wayne W Dyer

Dr Wayne Dyer passed away Aug 29, 2015. I almost attended his last show in Melbourne that month and I wished I had. The wealth of messages he left behind is a precious gift to humanity. I recommend any of his books, films, etc.

John Edward

Brilliant internationally renowned psychic medium. John gave me an amazing reading in November 2010, which left me with no doubt about the afterlife.

Kathy McVann – Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant

Kathy has given me extraordinary insights and consequently I’m feeling more at ease and peace with life than ever before. Kathy gives face-to-face readings on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia, but also offers phone readings. Click on the link to find out more.

Dave Portelli – Spiritual Healer

Dave has an innate ability to tune into souls and release emotional blockages that stem from  traumas, which are very often the underlying cause of illnesses. He is based in Gisborne, Victoria, Australia. You can see Dave for a session in  person or via video chat. Dave is one of the kindest and most warm-hearted and amazing people I’ve ever met – I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

JP Sears

JP Sears isn’t only a brilliant comedian but he has also published a vast amount of youtube videos on just about every life challenge you can think of. His videos are packed with understanding, compassion and profound wisdom. Highly recommend…

Kundalini Yoga (Russell Brand)Mia Haber from Golden Bridge Yoga, NYC

Mia specialises in Kundalini Yoga and I had the pleasure of receiving daily classes with her in Bali in July, 2015. Mia catapulted me forward in my journey in a most wonderful way.

Jim Carrey – he’s not only funny beyond words, he oozes wisdom, too… Click on the link for some truly special videos… 🙂

Russell Brand – another funny, eloquent genius.

Vishen Lakhiani – I discovered this brilliant guy only recently  – he’ll help you find out how to defy convention and become truly limitless. 🙂

Steve Maraboli – Yet another amazing man sharing great advice on how to live a happy life.

There are many, many other incredibly connected and switched on people I could recommend here but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone so I’m narrowing it down to those influences that I have particularly resonated with.