Food Intolerances & Allergies:

I highly recommend ImuPro (Australia). Call them on 1300 481 151 and ask for the ImuPro300 test (they’ll send you a kit with all the instructions). For a cost of AUD795.00 you will be checked for 270 different foods. With a doctor’s referral, the GST component will be deducted from the full price. For anyone outside of Australia, google ImuPro in your country.

I’ve since also discovered a very cost-effective alternative option of testing for food intolerances and allergies from hair samples (as well as blood samples): Visit the Allergy Test website for more info.

Pyrrole Disorder:

Applied Analytical Laboratories (based in Brisbane) specialise on specifically testing for Pyrrole Disorder in Australia. To request such a test, you’ll need a referral from a doctor. Make sure your doctor will send you to a sample collector who deals directly with AAL.

I don’t know who tests for this disorder in other countries but chances are the tests are more reliable if the sample is taken at a proper collection facility and the associated testing lab specialises on Pyrrole Disorder.

Hair Testing – Nutrients, Heavy Metals and Toxins:

When it comes to hair testing (great method of checking long term toxicity levels in your body), I highly recommend InterClinical Laboratories. Everything you’ll need to know about how to take hair samples, etc, is on their website.

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