Food crisisToxic Chemicals – How We Are All Getting Poisoned, Often Without Realising It

People tend to underestimate the toxic chemicals we’re exposed to on a daily basis. Here I will focus on many of the lesser known aspects of toxins and shocking truths I believe everyone should know about.

I co-founded and co-operated a very successful natural fertiliser business for more than twenty-one years. I was at times horrified to find out about certain chemicals farmers are using in Australia. Some are so toxic that they are no longer legal in other countries. One example of this is a chemical called Paraquat, which is illegal in 32 other countries. I’ll never forget one story a farmer told on the phone one day, which highlighted the issue of the use of dangerous chemicals most people may never even had heard of. He told us how his Dad had stored 20-Litre drums of Paraquat on shelves in a shed near his farmhouse. One day, as he walked past the shelves, one of those drums burst and the chemical spilled on his back. The farmer was aware he was in acute danger – he ripped off his soaked shirt and started running towards his house for help. He never made it the 50 or so metres to the house – he’d collapsed half way and died. His dogs came up and lapped up his vomit as he lay there dying, and the dogs died within minutes, too!

I don’t think the general public is aware of just how many chemicals and poisons are applied to crops these days – literally millions of tonnes worldwide every year!! Eating organic food should not be seen as if it was some pedantic luxury – it merely means you’re eating food that hasn’t been directly and deliberately poisoned! Yes, this means that pretty much most of the food you buy, which is not organic, has been poisoned to at least to some degree! Think about that for a minute…

I need to point out this is not an attack on farmers. They’re the hardest working and usually most genuine and humble people who’re constantly faced with huge risks (ie pests, extreme weather conditions, etc). I think they should be rewarded much more than is the norm. I think that often they have been misled in terms of the safety of some of the chemicals they may use, while genuinely believing their use is necessary to remain profitable. Too often they don’t realise that, with the right guidance, they can actually be much more profitable avoiding the use of poisonous chemicals. As customers we have a great opportunity to create a demand for organic and nutrient-dense produce by primarily purchasing organic food. The increasing demand may just be enough of an incentive to encourage farmers to make the necessary changes.

In this context, this video is clear proof that choosing organically produced food is well and truly worth the effort:

Family eating organic

This family ate organic for two weeks. You won’t believe what happened! Click on the picture to find out…

Several farmers we spoke with over the years admitted that they wouldn’t eat the food they were growing commercially themselves – they had their own patches for personal use, which they treated differently. I remember one farmer who told us he’d chemically sprayed his broccoli 21 times before selling it! Imagine all those people buying that broccoli assuming they were eating something healthy…

In terms of the scale of damage caused to our environment and health, it appears glyphosate is the worst. Glyphosate is now the most heavily used weed killer in history! It is truly horrifying how this nasty stuff can literally be found just about everywhere, even in the remotest areas, and how it’s affecting people.


⇒ A Staggering 93% of Americans Tested Positive For Glyphosate

Monsanto Chemicals

MIT States That Half of All Children May be Autistic by 2025 due to Monsanto – click on image to read the full article.

How Roundup Damages Your Mitochondria

Click on the image to read the full article.

Dr Mercola Explains How Mitochondrial Function Determines Cancer Growth And Repression:

Mitochondrial Function (Mercola)

Dr Mercola explains how mytochondrial function determines cancer growth and repression. Click on image for more…

Apart from the huge problem of toxicity, the food we eat today contains less than 20% of the nutrition it did 100 years ago. This is largely due to the loss of humus in soils (resulting from the application of chemicals). Humus is composted organic soil matter and it is instrumental for soil structure and holding nutrients in the soil. Once chemicals are applied to soils, microbes die and the soil structure eventually collapses and humus leaches out. As humus diminishes, so do nutrients and whatever grows in these deficient soils unavoidably lacks nutrition. This lack creates diseases, which in turn leads to further applications of many other nasty chemicals and so the vicious cycle continues.

Ironically, diseases in crops is nature’s way of protecting us by destroying food that is not fit for human consumption. But humans have a tendency to know better. Rather than seeing the reason and purpose of what’s happening, we have a habit of treating and fighting symptoms instead of learning from nature.

On top of pesticides and other toxic chemicals, monoculture also leads to imbalance of soil microbes and so does the application of excessive nitrogen, which is very commonly used in Australia and most other countries. Nitrates are applied because they make crops look good, but it’s at the cost of flavour and nutrient density. Nitrates are also known carcinogens… There’s much more to all of this but I’m trying to keep it as simple as I can. I think you get the point. The problem of toxicity starts in the soil, before we even start denaturing food. The modern diet consists of mostly highly processed foods, which are often overheated (basically dead), packed with sugar and contain many toxic additives. Our bodies become very acidic (ie by drinking sodas, alcohol, taking drugs, stress, etc), to a point where no amount of dilution with water could restore a healthy pH balance (read more about pH balance on this page).

Many other factors can mess with our health, such as lack of proper hygiene. For example, too many people eat left over foods that have been left out too long or been growing bacteria in the fridge for too long. How many people wipe their kitchen benches with dirty cloths? Before I use any cloth, I always smell it first. If it doesn’t smell completely clean, I won’t use it. Once used, keep it out of the sink and aerated so it will dry quickly. Any moisture mixed with food residues provides the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria. All such habits can lead to severe food poisoning (which our compromised gut flora struggles to deal with). We can also have major issues with toxic mould. This is why it is particularly important to try and not accumulate too many things in your house, to the point where there is simply not enough time to keep everything clean. Read more about it on my page about Decluttering.

Ironically, many people believe they’re benefiting their health by using hand sanitisers, and there are very important things you need to know about in relation to those:

⇒ Your Antibacterial Soap Is So Dangerous, Minnesota Just Banned It

Watch out for what you put on your skin, too… Your skin is an organ that absorbs whatever you put on it and over time all the toxic substances you apply will have some effect on your health.

⇒ Study: Popular Moisturizer Applied To Mice For 17 Weeks Resulted In 69% More Tumors

⇒ Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found in Nearly 100 Shampoo Brands

Our clothes can be a source of toxicity as well. When you buy new clothes, make sure you’ll always wash them before wearing them. Here’s why:

⇒ The Importance Of Washing New Clothes Before Wearing Them

⇒ Dryer Sheets Are Filled With These 7 Cancer-Causing Toxins (Use These Tips To Avoid Them Completely)

And the list of toxins we are exposed to goes on and on…

Considering all these toxic influences, is it any surprise that so many people are ill?

The next very common stage of this vicious toxic cycle is attacking the resulting illnesses with pharmaceutical drugs. Most of these drugs have a negative effect on our gut flora, which plays a huge part in our immune system functioning properly. Once the gut flora with its protective qualities has been decimated, the flood gates have been opened for pathogens to thrive, creating an imbalance that ultimately results in health challenges that can become overwhelming and seemingly insurmountable. Prescription medication can cause all sorts of other problems:


Is Your Prescription Medication Doing More Harm Than Good? (An Inspiring Q&A) – click on Image for more…

⇒ Popular Allergy, Insomnia Drugs Linked to Dementia

If you’d like to see the humorous side of it, enjoy Robin William’s observations with regards to prescription medication:

We’re also exposing ourselves to countless chemicals in the household. Check out this comprehensive article by Dr Mercola to know what to watch out for:


What Chemical Dangers Are Lurking in Your Home? Click on image to find out…

Always remember, there are lots of natural products that make many chemicals unnecessary:

Natural household products uses


There are other toxins we ingest with the water we drink. Check out how chlorine affects your immune system and how it kills your gut flora.

Bagged Salad

But the worst culprit appears to be Fluoride. Find out why this drinking water additive is so harmful. Thankfully there are water filtration systems available that can get rid of this toxic chemical.

So we are being poisoned via our food and water supply, with household chemicals and prescription drugs, etc, but it doesn’t end here. If this weren’t enough already, the air we breathe is also being poisoned to an extent that goes beyond the types of pollution that everyone is already well aware of. For information on chemtrails click here. Strengthening our immune system to protect ourselves from the myriad of toxic influences has become more important than ever before…


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